Main products
    1. CO<sub>2 </sub>Scrubber/ Carbon Dioxide Absorber
    2. CO2 Scrubber/ Carbon Dioxide AbsorberThis carbon dioxide scrubbing device is excellent for ULO storage. Easy to operate, it makes possible each desired CA and ULO environment with the help of the complete technology. When the carbon dioxide scrubbing unit aerates a room, the escaped low oxygen air from the room will be stored in a flexible air buffer or lung with the cold store leak stopping system
    1. VSA Deoxy Nitrogen Generator
    2. VSA Deoxy Nitrogen GeneratorThe unique concept of the VSA deoxy nitrogen generator is based on filtration and absorption of oxygen from surrounding air or cold store air by means of a special type of activated carbon. The product consists of 2 vessels with activated carbon, vacuum pump, low-pressure air blower, valve groups and a control box. These components are fixed on a solid frame.
    1. Air Cooler in Controlled Atmosphere Storage
    2. Air Cooler in Controlled Atmosphere StorageThe air cooler used especially in the controlled atmosphere storage is also named as the refrigeration evaporator or heat exchanger. It has independent functions and excellent ability to adjust the temperature within the controlled atmosphere room to desired level for fresh-keeping purpose. Accordingly, the air cooling unit plays an indispensable role in the refrigeration system.
    1. Parallel Cooling Units in Controlled Atmosphere Storage
    2. Parallel Cooling Units in Controlled Atmosphere StorageHighly reliable, it is extremely important for refrigeration and frozen items.
      The product is characterized by multi-energy control series. Brief unloading and start can effectively reduce the impact on the power grid.
      The high effectiveness and energy saving can be especially proven under
    1. Door & Window in CA Storage
    2. Door & Window in CA StorageGuaranteed gas-tightness based on the worldwide proven concept of a combination of an endless gasket which is pushed by an inflatable tube against the inspection window and floor. The specially designed aluminum profiles are used for a cold bridge free installation. Door leaf and case are finished from thermal bridge free profiles
    1. Controlled Atmosphere Storage Control Equipment
    2. Controlled Atmosphere Storage Control EquipmentThe controlled atmosphere storage control equipment is the auto store ULO computer. The auto store computer, serving as the CA storage control equipment, helps its user save a lot of time. The operator does not need to spend extra time on manual adjustments and daily manual measurement but he can have a clear overview of the situation
  • Service
  • As a professional provider of the overall controlled atmosphere fresh-keeping program, we can supply you following services.

    1. The turnkey project service is available to controlled atmosphere room, refrigeration house and separation equipment.
    2. The optimally matched program of the controlled atmosphere and refrigeration, or appropriate product type will be provided referring to actual needs.
    3. We can offer customers controlled atmosphere storage equipment, as well as central control systems for CA room and refrigeration house.
    4. The configuration program of separating equipment for fruits and vegetables will be supplied upon request.