1. CO2 Scrubber/ Carbon Dioxide AbsorberThis carbon dioxide scrubbing device is excellent for ULO storage. Easy to operate, it makes possible each desired CA and ULO environment with the help of the complete technology. When the carbon dioxide scrubbing unit aerates a room, the escaped low oxygen air from the room will be stored in a flexible air buffer or lung with the cold store leak stopping system
    1. VSA Deoxy Nitrogen GeneratorThe unique concept of the VSA deoxy nitrogen generator is based on filtration and absorption of oxygen from surrounding air or cold store air by means of a special type of activated carbon. The product consists of 2 vessels with activated carbon, vacuum pump, low-pressure air blower, valve groups and a control box. These components are fixed on a solid frame.
    1. Ethylene Scrubber/ Ethylene AbsorberThe CE ethylene scrubber is built in four different sizes for various air volumes. There is a model whose air treatment capacity is 50 and two larger ones with the air treatment capacity being 400 tons. CE 50 can be fixed on the wall, CE 200 and CE 400 inside the room and the CE 400(V400) only outside the room. The air input pressure is 6 bar.

Controlled Atmosphere Storage Equipment/CA Storage System

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