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Controlled Atmosphere Storage Solutions for Fruits and Vegetables

Fruit quality is largely dependent on the cold chain of cold storage after harvest. To keep the flavor and freshness of fruits and vegetables, you not only need to have in-depth knowledge of harvest and storing, but also need to have specialized cold storage and controlled atmosphere storage equipment.

FRUITONG strives to supply one-stop solutions for cold storage and controlled atmosphere storage of fruits and vegetables with up-to-date technology to achieve high-quality fruit and vegetable storage. As a leading enterprise in the industry of postharvest handling solutions providing, we promise you that our technology is of high standard and our custom service will meet your demands completely. Choosing our high-end fruit and vegetable storage solutions, you will be rewarded with excellent fruit and vegetable quality.

Many factors are involved in the long-term storage of fresh fruits and vegetables. Success of long-time preservation depends on the preparatory phase, the harvest and the storage design used. We pay more attention to the air tightness of our cold storage, especially that of the controlled atmosphere storage and ULO storage. Factors need to consider in the design of cold storage include the surface and height inside cold storage, the number of bins on each pallet position, the use of small bins of 20kg or pallet bins of 300kg, the specific weight of each kind of fruit. For example, when storing pears with controlled atmosphere storage, we need to calculate the weight more than 22%.

Construction and Postharvest Handling Instruction
Using the professional air cooling machine for CA storage, prolate structure with a minimum length 2/3 of the store room with postposition structure. Then, using minor temperature gap technology to reduce water loss of fruit and vegetable and shorten the defrosting time in CA storage. The third is to use the hot gas defrosting technology to realize zero energy consumption.All the work is done to keep the high quality of fruits and vegetables and save money for customer.

Technology and Equipment
Controlled Atmosphere (CA) is a storage technique whereby the level of oxygen is reduced and CO2 is increased. Quality and the freshness of fruits and vegetables are retained under controlled atmosphere without using any chemicals. Under CA conditions, fruits and vegetables can be stored for 2 to 4 times longer than usual. Here we recommend you our VSA nitrogen generator and VSA CO2 scrubber, to control the concentration of O2 and CO2 in chamber.

Advantages of VSA Nitrogen Generator
Our VSA nitrogen generator adopts vacuum swing adsorption which is a state-of-the-art technology used for N2 generation. This technology generates N2 by a special active carbon according to the principle of vacuum and low pressure ventilation. Our nitrogen generator has the following advantages:
1. Lower working pressure and low energy consumption
2. Closed working cycle with high efficiency
3. Highly reliable automatic control system
4. Low maintenance cost. The active carbon can be used for 15-20 years.
5. Standard N2 concentration is 98%.

Advantages of VSA CO2 Scrubber
1. High CO2 level control precision and low O2 return. It returns the lowest volume of O2 into the cold store after regeneration related to CO2 scrubbing.
2. Low energy consumption. This VSA CO2 scrubber consumes only about 50% energy similar products consumes.
3. The active carbon has a service life as long as 15 years.

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