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Air Cooler in Controlled Atmosphere Storage

The air cooler used especially in the controlled atmosphere storage is also named as the refrigeration evaporator or heat exchanger. It has independent functions and excellent ability to adjust the temperature within the controlled atmosphere room to desired level for fresh-keeping purpose. Accordingly, the air cooling unit plays an indispensable role in the refrigeration system.

Technical Specifications
Type Fan Air Volume Surface Volume Weight
VNS mm m3/h m2 dm3
kg 3× Φ350 6947 77 18 149 8× Φ350 18516 205 46 351 3× Φ400 10005 107 25 192 6× Φ400 20004 214 48 354 3× Φ450 15493 162 37 257 6× Φ450 30979 325 73 479 5× Φ500 35311 285 64 459 6× Φ500 42375 342 76 543

The refrigeration system of the CA room is primarily made up of compressor, condenser, expansion valve, air cooler and pipeline. The controlled atmosphere storage requires accurate temperature control. Only when, in each storage room, the temperature difference between the air outlet of the air cooling device and the place farthest from the air cooling unit is not more than 0.5°C can the small temperature difference control technology be realized. Furthermore, the small temperature control technology is a cutting edge and critical technology in guaranteeing the preservation quality and time of fruits and vegetables.

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