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Parallel Cooling Units in Controlled Atmosphere Storage

The parallel cooling unit is composed of 2 to 8 compressors in parallel and of different models, a control panel, an accumulator installed on a shared basic frame, etc. There is a shared exhaust pipe as well as a public air suction tube.

Technical Specifications
Motor Configuration 2 2
Air Displacement (1450g/min 50 Hz) 110.5 m3/h 3902.3 CFH
Air Displacement (1750g/min 60 Hz) 133.4 m3/h 4711.0 CFH
Number of Cylinders ×Cylinder Diameter × Stroke 6×70 mm×55 mm 6×2.76 inch×2.17 inch
Motor Code 40P 2NU
Motor Voltage (others for reference) 380~420V YY/3/50Hz 440~480V YY/3/60Hz
Max. Operation Current 45.0A (Y) 46.0A (Y)
Max. Input Power 27.2 kW 27.2 kW

1. The parallel cooling unit has a great cooling capacity while low cost cooling rate.
2. Highly reliable, it is extremely important for refrigeration and frozen items.
3. The product is characterized by multi-energy control series. Brief unloading and start can effectively reduce the impact on the power grid.
4. The high effectiveness and energy saving can be especially proven under some loading conditions.
5. The product has a simple and convenient control system.
6. It is also easy for installation and maintenance.

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