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Door & Window in CA Storage

Gastight Door
The product is jointly produced by our company and a Dutch company. It is available in GTD horizontally sliding and GTV vertically sliding models.

Technical Specifications
Model GTD Horizontally Sliding and GTV Vertically Sliding
Size To be agreed upon with the standard being 2000mm (W) × 2500mm (H)
Execution Door leaf is constructed of PU and its two sides are covered with 25 μm polyester acrylic paint.
Thickness of Door Leaf Panel 100mm,
K-value about 0.25W/ m2K
Volume Weight ±42kg/m3
Color of Door Leaf Blue (RAL5010)
Green (RAL6011)
White (RAL9002)
Color of Frame Anodized Aluminum
Sealing 100% gastight tube system
Door casing thermal-bridge-free aluminum profile
Operation manually operated (horizontal and vertical )
Rail stainless steel rail system for horizontally sliding door,
galvanized guiding system for vertically sliding door
Openers Inside and outside openers
Bumper Protection Red (RAL 3000)
Included Bumper
Options Gastight window, finish cap and locksmith

Cross Section of GTD Model

1. Guaranteed gas-tightness based on the worldwide proven concept of a combination of an endless gasket which is pushed by an inflatable tube against the inspection window and floor.
2. The specially designed aluminum profiles are used for a cold bridge free installation.
3. Door leaf and case are finished from thermal bridge free profiles.
4. The gastight door is easy to install and adjust for good gas tightness. It is made from high quality components, as well as in different sizes and colors.

Gastight Window
The product is designed with an inflatable tube system for guaranteeing a gastight closing. It is easy to use, excellent in insulation and free of thermal bridge.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions To be agreed upon with the standard being 500mm (W) × 800mm (H)
Frame aluminum profile
K-value about 1.4W/m2K
Glazing Gas filled insulation glass
Sealing Double sealing, rubber profile
Frame Color White (RAL 9002)
Opening Direction right opening (seen from outside)
Closing Two-point lock and handle
Operation Manually operated
Installation possible in the ceiling, door leaf or wall panel

Cross Section

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