Relevant Information
1. Control System: PLC
2. Design Temperature: quick freezing (-35°C), refrigeration (-18°C)
3. Storage Variety: corn (sweet corn kernels, waxy corn cob)
4. Production Capacity: sweet corn kernel (6 tons/hour), waxy corn cob(90 tons/day)
5. Completion Time: 2010

The quick freezing temperature of the 10000 T frozen and cold storage room is from -45°C to -38°C and cold storage temperature is -18°C. The ancillary facilities cover 8000m2. There is one vacuum preserved sweet-waxy maize production line, one quick-frozen sweet-waxy maize production line, two quick-frozen sweet corn kernel production lines which are also suitable for quick-frozen vegetables including bean, chilli, etc., one waxy corn mixed with coarse cereals production line, one puffed corn production line as well as one bean product production line.

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