Relevant Information
1. Building Area: 12600m2(300m×42m)
2. Design Temperature: -2°C to 5°C
3. Storage Variety: all kinds of vegetables, fruits and fruit juice
4. Model of CO2 Scrubber: ST850+ST850
3. Model of VSA Nitrogen Generator: VSA70
4. Control System: PLC
5. Completion Time: 2007

Beijing Huiyuan Beverage and Food Group Co., Ltd. is a large modernized business group primarily engaged in fruit juice, vegetable juice, as well as fruit and vegetable juice drinks. By now, Huiyuan has developed into the first brand in the China’s fruit juice industry.

The completion of the 15000T CA storage system drives the development of domestic fruit juice industry. In 2008, we finished the 16000T orange juice quick-frozen project in Beijing Huiyuan Group Huaihua Co., Ltd.

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