FRUITONG Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is China-based manufacturer of top-notch regulation systems for air and temperature control. Headquartered within the Zhongguancun High-Tech Park of Beijing city, our company offers an excellent selection of CA storage fittings and equipment including the humidifier, refrigeration system, and specialized door & window. Additionally, we provide CA storage systems and controlled atmosphere storage control equipment.

Incorporated in the December of 1996 as a high-tech enterprise, our company specializes in the production of controlled atmosphere storage equipment and the development of preservation technology for fruits and vegetables. We offer post-harvesting processing equipment and professional solutions for cold storage engineering.

FRUITONG is supported by the advanced technology and human resources of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. We have collaborated extensively with domestic R&D institutions and internationally renowned manufacturers. After combining these experiences with our own independent research, we successfully developed the air discharging device and the vacuum decompression preservation system, the latter of which is now protected by a national patent. Through joint projects we developed the deoxy-nitrogen system, carbon dioxide removal system, ethylene suspension system, nitrogen transport system, anti-leakage system, CA storage door/window, and the centrally controlled detection system for CA storage.

In a joint venture with STOREX, we established a factory and founded Fruitong CA Technology Limited. Our company manufactures matching CA equipment and airtight door/window through the utilization of Netherlands CA technology and European CA storage construction design standards. In doing so, we have successfully introduced state-of-the-art Netherlands CA equipment production technology into mainland China. With the aid of STOREX, we launched a new generation of VSA controlled atmosphere equipment, e.g., the CA storage VSA deoxy nitrogen generator.

Years of development and practical implementation have allowed us to accumulate valuable industry experience. When it comes to CA preservation technology and equipment configuration, we place the emphasis on important aspects such as safety, convenience, energy conservation, and environment protection. Our quality is on par with leading international standards. With a perfect integration of mechanical and electrical elements, we are at the forefront of the domestic competition. FRUITONG has been showcased on various occasions by news media across the nation, steadily gaining the support of local clientele. We were featured on the Central Television Network in programs including TANO, Science & Technology Review, and more.

Our company has fostered a taskforce of outstanding technical personnel. With domestic experts in the food preservation field as our designated representatives, we have attracted many specialists in areas such as automation, software development, refrigeration engineering, vacuum technology, and business administration. We encourage the continual learning of our core staff through training sessions and the opportunity to study abroad. Here at FRUITONG, we implement a scientific management system to emphasize the cultivation of individual talent. By raising the integrity of our staff, we can better serve our valued clientele.

Advanced technology and sincere services have allowed us to build a business network with complete coverage of mainland China and the Asia-Pacific region. This effective network has allowed us to maintain large shares on the domestic market for products and services related to CA storage engineering. Many of our past undertakings have become local examples of model projects. Our contributions in the field of storage, preservation, and post-processing have revolutionized the agricultural infrastructure. FRUITONG products and services have yielded excellent monetary return for many companies. Some of our clients have since been designated as industry leading enterprises by the local government. With conviction, we will continue to benefit society and invigorate the domestic economy.

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