Based on the introduction of state-of-the-art European controlled atmosphere technology, Fruitong supplies customized solution schemes for fruit and vegetable, food as well as other industries at home and abroad. Until now, we have succeeded in accomplishing nearly one hundred turnkey projects, some of which can be illustrated as follows.


15000T Ultra Low Oxygen CA Storage System in Beijing Huiyuan Juice Group
1. Building Area: 12600m2 (300m×42m)
2. Design Temperature: -2~5 °C
3. Storage Variety: all kinds of vegetables and fruits, fruit juice
4. Completion Time: 2007

The main products of the Beijing Huainan Beverage and Food Group Co., Ltd. are fruit and vegetable juice, as well as fruit and vegetable juice beverage. By now, Huanyuan has become the first brand in China’s juice industry. The completion of this CA project has greatly propelled the development of the whole fruit juice industry in China. In 2008, our company finished the 16000T orange juice quick frozen project for Huiyuan Huaihua Co., Ltd.


7000T Navel Orange CA Storage System of Jiangjunhong Orange Storage Company in Jiangxi
1. Construction Area: 11016m2 (102m ×108m)
2. Net Height within the CA Room: 6.5m
3. Completion Time: 2007

Jiangjunhong Industrial Group Co., Ltd. is an agriculture industrialization company with the CA storage system as the network. It has evolved into a national leading enterprise, as well as a leader in the fruit and vegetable circulation industry. The Jiangjunhong navel orange has developed into a famous brand in China. Our company has constructed Jiangjunhong navel orange dedicated CA room projects in a number of cities.


1000T CA Storage System in Taiwan Foxconn Company
1. Storage Variety: vegetable and fruit
2. Completion Time: 2008
Foxconn Technology Group has over 600,000 employees and ranks the 109 among the global top 500 enterprises in 2009 by Fortune. The warehousing facilities of 1000T CA storage system ensure the daily food quality.

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