1. Best Fresh-keeping Effect
Owing to the internationally leading controlled atmosphere preservation technology as well as European advanced equipment, Fruitong takes the lead in controlling the content of oxygen within the storage house less than 1% or even 0.8%. The storage time in a CA room is one third longer than that in other free-keeping houses.

2. Lowest Energy Consumption
Our company makes use of the European unique technology. The optimized and integrated refrigeration system and controlled atmosphere storage system bring out optimum energy efficiency and high effectiveness. This decreases the operation costs to the greatest extent and meet the higher requirements for energy saving and environment protection.

3. Highest Reliability
We design and construct the CA storage system according to the European standards and construction technique. There are optimum quality thermal insulation materials and airtight materials, large parallel units, CA room dedicated air cooler, industrial grade central control system. Additionally, the installation and airtight treatment are conducted carefully, ensuring the stable operation of CA room body as well as relevant equipment in a long term.

4. Cheapest Maintenance Cost
The controlled atmosphere storage equipment, employing the German introduced activated carbon, has a service life of 15 to 20 years. With the start time of compressors being accurately controlled and balanced by the microcomputer, the efficiency has been proven to improve by 5%. The CA storage devices can be remote controlled via the Internet. Maintenance work can be easily done while requiring very low costs.

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