When the controlled atmosphere room is adopted, the storage period begins after the temperature within the CA room stabilizes at appropriate levels and the door is closed. During storage, the management of the CA storage system can be done in the following two respects.

1. Maintenance and Adjustment of CA Room Environment
The environment within the CA room involves temperature, relative humidity plus gas environment. The CA storage system requires appropriate low temperature. Meanwhile, the temperature fluctuation and temperature difference among different positions within the CA room should be reduced as far as possible. The regulation of relative humidity can be conducted by the humidifier and the monitoring system.

At the early storage stage, the normal gas composition when the CA room is just closed is transformed into the required gas index. In the course of storage, attention should be paid to the adjustment and control of gas composition. Hence, products can be well protected from possible damages when stored for a long time under such gas conditions whose oxygen content and carbon dioxide content exceed specified limits.

2. Monitoring of Fruits and Vegetables Quality
The quality monitoring is of vital importance. Fruits and vegetables should be always monitored by people from the time they are put into the CA room to the time they are delivered out. They should be tested regularly in terms of external sensory properties, weight loss, hardness, content of soluble solids, contamination, mildew, rot, etc. Moreover, testing results are supposed to be analyzed at any time for guiding subsequent storage operation.

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