Fruitong Science and Technology has been engaged in building various fresh-keeping storehouses and controlled atmosphere room, manufacturing of controlled atmosphere storage equipment, as well as research, development and application of storage and preservation techniques for fruits and vegetables.

Our company is able to supply customers with custom designed fruits and vegetables' commercialization processing equipment. We are dedicated to providing the optimum quality overall solution to controlled atmosphere storage to help customers maximize the benefit. Our target is to become the preferred provider of the controlled atmosphere storage system in China or even in Asia.

Our values lie in safe and reliable products, honesty and trustworthiness, customer first as well as the teamwork spirit.

Fruitong is the only that can supply ultra low oxygen controlled atmosphere room in China. We have the world-class controlled atmosphere preservation technology and acquire a thorough understanding of China's market environment as well as customers' requirements. Thus, customers have an access to bespoke solutions, as well as the optimum products characterized by high effectiveness, energy efficiency as well as great cost performances.

As compared to its counterparts, our controlled atmosphere storage system can cut down energy consumption by more than 60% and improve the oxygen reduction ability by over 30%. Using the large parallel unit, the refrigeration system has small temperature difference and the defrosting is carried out with the hot freon. Thus, the refrigeration system has higher efficiency while consuming less energy.

Our company can supply the turn-key project service. The preliminary design of the project is undertaken by our profession design department. The specialized technical team is responsible for project construction, as well as installation and debugging of equipment. We will conduct customer tracking service during the whole process and our after-sales service is also satisfactory. The senior experts in postharvest technology field in China will technically support customers.

Since 2003, great efforts have been made on investigation and practice. Our company together with an internationally famous manufacturer jointly establishes the controlled atmosphere storage equipment manufactory. The produced CA storage device stands for the world-class technology level. This collaboration not only substantially reduces costs spent in introducing controlled atmosphere storage equipment but also brings in foreign cutting edge design concept of controlled atmosphere room. Thus, customers can be provided with the controlled atmosphere storage solution having the optimum cost performance.

We integrate with the internationally leading-edge technologies in respect of not only the advance in application technology, as well as energy saving and environment protection of corollary equipment but also the construction quality plus after-sales service. The electromechanical integration is actually realized with safe, energy efficient and convenient applications.

Fruitong technologically cooperates with STOREX to research, develop, manufacture and improve controlled atmosphere storage equipment. We work with Goedhart and HEATCRAFT in the field of fan. Danfoss is our outsourcing enterprise which provides us with high quality compressor.

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