Not all fruits or vegetables need ethylene scrubbing during CA storage. Ethylene is a kind of organic compound generated by tissues of all plants or some microorganisms. It brings on many physiological and biochemical changes in plants.

As a kind of phytohormone, the ethylene speeds up the ripening and senescence of the fruits and vegetables. Either climacteric or non-climacteric fruits and vegetables can produce a certain quantity of ethylene which is called endogenous ethylene. Moreover, the amount of the endogenous ethylene relies on different fruits and vegetables. The sensitivity of the fruits and vegetables to ethylene is closely related to the kinds and ripening degree of the fruits and vegetables.

There is a corresponding threshold value with which the ethylene will ripen fruits and vegetables if the temperature and humidity are appropriate. During storage, fruits and vegetables that are of different kinds and produced in various places, as well as have different ripening degrees should not be put into the same storage house or packing container. Furthermore, as for the fruits and vegetables highly sensitive to ethylene, extra ethylene in the CA room can be eliminated via the potassium permanganate adsorbent or scrubber. As a result, the senescence of fruits and vegetables can be delayed to a certain extent.

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