The harvested fruit and vegetable may carry spores of bacteria leading to field diseases. These spores are invisible from people’s eyes but during storage, they will possibly cause infection through the mechanical wounds of products, giving rise to diseases during storage, once meeting appropriate environmental conditions.

To overcome the above mentioned problem, the preservative treatment is of great necessity before the harvested fruit and vegetable are delivered into the CA room. In foreign countries, it has become an indispensable procedure in commercialization of fruits and vegetables.

Preservative Treatment Methods
1. Soaking
Fruits and vegetables are soaked into the preservative and fresh-keeping solution. The agentia concentration and soaking time are based on the size of products and the conditions of field diseases in that very year.

2. Fumigation
Fruits and vegetables are packed in boxes or stacked in certain space. Preservative is filled into shallow containers and then the containers are distributed within the space for fumigation of fruits and vegetables.

3. Spraying
The preservative is blended into certain concentration and then is sprayed onto the surface of fruits and vegetables.

4. Radiation
The radiation by ultrasonic or ozone is used for sterilization while leaving no chemical residues.

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