As a professional provider of the overall controlled atmosphere fresh-keeping program, we can supply you following services.

1. The turnkey project service is available to controlled atmosphere room, refrigeration house and separation equipment.
2. The optimally matched program of the controlled atmosphere and refrigeration, or appropriate product type will be provided referring to actual needs.
3. We can offer customers controlled atmosphere storage equipment, as well as central control systems for CA room and refrigeration house.
4. The configuration program of separating equipment for fruits and vegetables will be supplied upon request.
5. The processing technology and the technical process employed for commercialization of harvested fruits and vegetables are supplied according to production conditions in different regions.
6. Customers will have technical guidance in using controlled atmosphere room, cold store and the separating equipment.
7. The equipment can be maintained and repaired by our company in the course of application. We can also contract the rebuilding of the cold store in the CA storage system.
8. Other supporting facilities used in the controlled atmosphere storage system can also be offered here.

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