When the frame of the controlled atmosphere room is built up, we will send customers relevant pictures and project cases. Some of our project cases will be introduced below.

1.In 2012, 10,000T CA Room for Huaxing Hongcheng Agriculture Investment Co., Ltd. in Sichuan Province, China.
2. In 2010, 10,000T Low Temperature Quick Freezing Room for Huangyanghe Group in Gansu Province, China.
3. In 2009, 5000T ULO CA Room, the First One in North Korea.
4. In 2007, 16000T Low Temperature CA Storage System in Huiyuan Company
5. In 2007, 15000T CA Storage System in Huiyuan Juice Group
6. In 2006,7000T CA Storage System of Jiangxi Orange Storage Company

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