Combining the advanced European controlled atmosphere storage experience and CA storage standards with actual growing environments and characteristics of fruits and vegetables in China, we have made a set of technical schemes and parameters of CA storage for different vegetables and fruits from the harvesting stage to the commercialization stage.

Until now, we have successfully contracted to build more than one hundred CA rooms and various kinds of cold storage projects domestically and internationally.

In 1999, we built up the Shandong Zhanhua winter jujube CA storage system, the first one in China. This succeeded in solving the storage problem of winter jujube, making the storage limit more than 3 months from one month.

In 2006, the 7000T navel orange CA storage system of General Red Group Navel Orange Preservation Co., Ltd. was set up. It is the first one in Jiangxi. The storage period of navel orange is extended to six months in CA rooms.

In 2007, 15000T CA storage system in Huiyuan Juice Group was constructed in Jiulong Gou. It is the first ultra low oxygen CA room in China, with the content of oxygen within the CA room reduced to 0.8%.

In 2010, 10000T CA storage system of frozen corn in Huangyanghe Food Company was built up.

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